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A collection of specific tools and items you may require to fit and apply the various products that are available on this site.

  1. Hacking Knife

    Hacking Knife

    Excl. Tax: £9.00 Incl. Tax: £10.80 As low as: £8.16
    SKU: 501_0002

    A versatile hacking knife which is used to remove set putty from existing windows. Restricted supply to over 18 year olds only - see long description.

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  2. Glazing Shovel

    Glazing Shovel

    Excl. Tax: £5.00 Incl. Tax: £6.00
    SKU: 501_0003

    An 11” glazing shovel made of shock-proof plastic which is ideal for fitting double glazed units.

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  3. Pointix Glazing Point Driver

    Pointix Glazing Point Driver

    Excl. Tax: £88.00 Incl. Tax: £105.60 As low as: £93.60
    SKU: 501_0001

    Used for sprigging in single glass or double glazed units quickly and efficiently without the breakages that can easily occur with manual sprigs and hammers. This is by far the best glazing gun we have ever used with superb longevity, reliability and ease of use.

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  4. Veribor 601BL Thumbnail

    Veribor 601 BL Vacuum Pump Glass Lifter

    Excl. Tax: £56.00 Incl. Tax: £67.20 As low as: £62.40
    SKU: 450_0013

    Professional Heavy Duty Vacuum Pump Glass Lifter - 120Kg Capacity - with essential protective case Learn More

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