Timbabuild Window Repair

A range of epoxy based products which provide an extremely effective system for repairing and filling rotting and damaged timber.

For a detailed guide about Timbabuild and the application of the relevant products please see the Usage Guide.

  1. Timbabuild ERC (Epoxy Rapid Cure) 400ml

    Timbabuild ERC (Epoxy Rapid Cure) 400ml

    Excl. Tax: £22.50 Incl. Tax: £27.00 As low as: £23.40
    SKU: 251_0001

    Timbabuild ERC (Epoxy Rapid Cure) is a rapid curing and solvent free two part epoxy-resin based wood filler that is ideally suited for fast repairs with extremely high strength and durability.Equivalent to VR90

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  2. Timbabuild EHB 60 400ml

    Timbabuild EHB 60 400ml

    Excl. Tax: £22.50 Incl. Tax: £27.00 As low as: £23.40
    SKU: 251_0002

    Timbabuild EHB 60 (Epoxy High Build) is a two part, thixotropic, solvent free, epoxy resin based wood repair system which has been especially formulated for horizontal or vertical repairs. EHB is ideal for larger areas if repair. This version has a quick curing time of only 4 hours.

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  3. Timbabuild EWS 225ml

    Timbabuild EWS 225ml

    Excl. Tax: £14.00 Incl. Tax: £16.80 As low as: £14.94
    SKU: 251_0003

    Timbabuild EWS (Epoxy Wood Stabiliser) is a two part, low viscosity and solvent free epoxy resin solution which strengthens weakened wood fibres.

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  4. Timbabuild Dual Sealant Gun

    Timbabuild Dual Sealant Gun

    Excl. Tax: £16.65 Incl. Tax: £19.98 As low as: £17.40
    SKU: 503_0001

    High quality skeleton gun designed to easily and efficiently dispense the Timbabuild ERC and EHB products.

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