Slimlite DGUs

Double Glazing for Period & Listed Properties

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Hi-tech innovative glazing product allowing:
• Traditional single glazed new window designs
• Double glaze original existing windows.

"It is not often that I get completely blown away by a building product, but I find this absolutely extraordinary, looks like a single plane of glass"
Kevin McLoud - Grand Designs 2009. TV

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Slimlite is probably the most innovative product to arrive in the Double Glazing Industry for many years and was achieved by utilising the latest available technology. The combination of the Low E glass, which reflects long wave radiation back into the room, and the use of Krypton and Xenon gases in the cavity (the most effective inert gases on the market) means that Slimlite units can reduce heat loss in a room by at least 50%. These DGUs which are just 10-12mm thick can be fitted in to most standard sash and casement windows in place of single glazed units.

Benefits of Using Slimlite

  • • Slimlite's double glazed units are just 10-12mm thick, which allows them to be fitted to most existing single glazed windows.
  • • The units offer excellent insulation due to the thermally efficient inert gas (xenon and/or krypton) sandwiched between the two panes of glass.
  • • Low-emmissivity glass used for the inner pane reflects heat back into the room.
  • • Replacing one square metre of single glazing with Slimlite DGU will save you approximately 90kg of carbon dioxide emissions per year by cutting down on heat loss, which translates into saved money on energy bills.
  • • Will comply with Building Regulations Section 6 Scotland and Document L England for improved thermal insulation.
  • • 5mm perimeter seal of Slimlite Double Glazed Units enables them to be glazed into 7mm deep glazing rebates.
  • • The smaller cavities between the glass reduces the required glazing width rebates and enables slimmer sections to be used.
  • • The only double glazed unit that can be glazed into most standard glazing bars.

For the full article written by Kevin McLoud of Grand Designs about the Slimlite Double Glazed Units please click here.