Our Mission Statement

“To test and supply quality products covering all aspects of the care, repair and upgrade of traditional windows and doors. And to offer expert advice on product selection and use”

Our Company

With over 40 years experience in Traditional Windows, our expertise and experience allows us to understand and meet your needs. We use our knowledge of sash window and casement window renovation and new joinery to give you the best product selection and expert advice when you need it. There is nothing we do not know or cannot find out for you. Buying from Sash Upgrades your purchase is backed up by experts in the field of Period Joinery in both manufacture and repair. Our technical experts have used and tested all the products we sell. Our products are carefully chosen through extensive research and testing so we supply only the best available to you.

Our Product Philosophy – only the best

All our products are selected because they are the best we have found to do their specific job. We will not sell any product that we have not personally used and approved or we have found to be inferior to other products. Our business principle is to identify the best product for the task and at the right price. For this reason we do not carry multiple products that do the same job.

Fair Pricing

By only choosing the best products we may not always have the cheapest products (quality usually, though not always, costs a little more) but because we can buy our chosen products in large volume we always ensure that we can supply it at the fairest price.

Providing the information you need

We endeavour to provide guidance on the selection and use of the products to help our customers use them in the most efficient manner. We aim to provide as much information as possible to allow people to make the best choice.