Glossary of Window Furniture Terminology

Arm Fastener
A sash window fastener with an arm fixing, typically with a decorative knob used to push or pull the fastener to the open or closed position. Examples include a beehive arm fastener and a quadrant arm fastener.
Brighton Fastener
A sash window fastener which uses a screwing mechanism to secure the window.
Casement Fastener
Designed for casement windows, these fasteners generally use a rotating handle which releases or closes the snib in its keep.
Casement Stay
An arm which enables a window to be fixed open. Holes in the arm are secured onto pins, allowing the width of the opening to vary.
Claw Fastener
A sash window fastener which uses a claw hook to fix into the keep.
Fanlight Catch
A fitting intended to enable the opening and closing of a fanlight.
Fanlight Stay
A window stay which restricts the extent to which a fanlight can be opened.
Fitch Fastener
A more rounded sash window fastener with a shallow keep ideally suited for double glazed windows.
The receiver of a snib, which facilitates the fastening of the window.
Pole Hook
Attached to a pole, it allows the user to open and close an out of reach top sash.
Pole Hook Holder
These are fixed to the wall adjacent to the sash window providing neat storage of a sash pole.
Sash Eye
This mechanism is attached to the top sash so that a sash pole can be used to open the out of reach sash.
Sash Lift
A sash lift can either be a hook, bar or handle that is fixed to the bottom rail of a sash used to help the user slide the window open or shut.
Sash Stop
A sash stop is fixed to the top sash in order to restrict the extent to which the window can be opened.
Sash Window Fastener
Designed specifically for sash windows, these fittings secure the window in a stationary position. When undone the window can be slid open and closed.
Sliding Stay
A casement stay with a sliding arm which can be locked in any position to determine how wide the window can be opened.
Vented Fastener
Casement attachments which have both a closed and vented position. The vented position allows airflow whilst the window remains secured.