Bohle GlassBuddy Glass Analysis Tool

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Sophisticated electronic measuring device for analysis of double and single glazed units in situ. The unit can measure the overall depth of the double glazed units and individual pieces of glass and also the position of the coatings and whether the glass is laminated.

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The new multi-purpose measurer for the accurate analysis of flat glass and double glazed units. GlassBuddy® can measure single-pane, laminated or insulated glass, whether installed or not – in seconds. The laser technology supplies information about glass thickness, configuration of panes, coatings and PVB films.

GlassBuddy® Allows installed glass to be analyzed without being removed

  • measures single-pane glass up to 21 mm thick
  • analyzes laminated glass, insulated glass panes and bulletproof glass to a total thickness of 50 mm
  • accuracy: 0.1 mm
  • detects coatings and their layers
  • recognises PVB films and detects their number, thickness and position
  • display has three illuminated lines with scrolling function
  • memory capacity can store up to 99 measurements
  • up to 5 comparison measurements per indivdual measurement
  • USB interface for reading data at your PC and for charging the battery
  • easy, self-explanatory menu
  • high quality Li-Ion battery for at least 8 hours of continuous operation

·GlassBuddy® can measure almost any type of glass:

  • Coated float glass, tempered glass, heat-strengthened glass
  • Standard  Float glass, tempered glass, heat-strengthened glass
  • Multi-pane insulated glass/ Double glazed units
  • Multi-pane insulated glass with coatings
  • Multi-pane insulated glass with laminated glass
  • Multi-pane insulated glass with laminated glass and coatings
  • Bulletproof glass
  • Laminated glass

This is how the GlassBuddy® displays the results of a triple-pane insulated glass unit with laminated glass and low-E coating and a total thickness of 38 mm:

G1 = 4« (Analysis of first pane: 4 mm, coating inside)
SZR1 = 12 (First space between panes: 12 mm)
G2 = 4 (Analysis of second pane: 4 mm )
SZR2 = 12 (Second space betw. panes: 12 mm)
G3 = » 3_1PVB_3 (Analysis of third pane: 3 mm glass with coating inside +
0.38mm PVB + 3 mm glass)

Convenient data management at your PC:

The GlassBuddy® is supplied with computer software which allows it to be connected to a PC or laptop via the provided
USB cable. The software is compatible with Microsoft Windows operating systems and allows all the GlassBuddy®
measurement data to be easily managed.

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