Cosy Glide DIY Sash Draught Proofing Kit – Hardwood 3.0m

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Quality kit containing all the materials required to effectively draught proof a sash window. The 3.0m kit is suitable for windows up to 2.9m tall and not over 1.5m wide (as measured inside the frame opening).

  • &#149 Effectively eliminates draughts and dust ingress
  • &#149 Stop rattles and reduce noise levels
  • &#149 Improve the comfort within your home
  • &#149 Easy to fit, with our guide
  • &#149 Save money and energy, thus reducing your carbon footprint

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Professional Grade kit using the highest quality materials and a design that it widely regarded as the best for draught proofing sash windows.

The kit contains all the items necessary to upgrade your original sash window to a modern level of draught proofing and operation. The kit replaces the existing sash and parting bead with traditional bead containing quality brush pile draught proofing and a weather fin to keep out draughts, dust and water, and reduce noise levels.

Our kit has the following key features:

  • – Quality English Waxed Cotton Sash Cord with a strong synthetic core to prevent snapping. We
  •   never use cheap inferior Indian cord.
  • – Best Hardwood Utile parting bead for durability. We never use modern pine or interior hardwood,
  • – We include weights and instructions on how to balance your sash which is a vital part of
  •   refurbishment to get good window performance.
  • – Our beads are supplied un-primed to allow our customer to finish to your requirements. We never
  •   paint with cheap poor quality primer that does not last.
  • – All the money is spent on the quality items you need. We do not include needless replacements
  •   such as cheap sash fastener or lifts, when it is far better to retain the originals or buy quality
  •   items – see our Window Furniture Kits.
  • – All our sealants are external quality branded items by the best makers, such as, Akzo Nobel.
  •   Beware of cheap internal only sealant.

For a Custom DIY Sash Draught Proofing Kit made to your exact your exact specification of style, size and timber please Contact Us to let us know your requirements.

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