Simplex Easy Clean System – Chrome

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With minimal modifications to the window, this system allows the sash window to operate as normal, but by engaging this system the lower sash can hinge inwards for easy cleaning without the need for ladders.

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Our kit provides a safe solution to the problem of cleaning high or inaccessible sash windows. When installed the easy-clean kit is very discrete and does not interfere with the normal operation or appearance of the sash window.

When the special hinges are engaged the lower sash slides down and locates onto them to become hinged. The internal bead can then be quickly released by the Baton Rod Screw and hinged back out of the way to release the lower sash which can then be hinged into the room allowing access to the external glass. The weights and attached cord are supported by the heavy duty cord clutch to allow easy opening.

The whole operation takes less than a minute.

  • Our Easy Clean System has the following features:
  • – Attractive appearance
  • – Heavy Duty Cast Cord Clutch
  • – Cord Holder is quality cast brass and will not slip unlike cheap cramp on types
  • – Quality Brass Furniture-Grade hinges are used for Staff Bead Hinges.These are slim to allow use
  •   with narrower staff beads. NOTE: These hinges are brass on all finish options and are usually
  •   painted.
  • – Optional brass screw cups are included as a more discrete option than the baton rod screw
  • – Supplied with quality brass screws
  • – Lacquered to prevent tarnishing

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